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Designing the Energy System

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Let's get technical! 

Energy explorers, are you ready to dig a little deeper and get a look behind the curtain? Each of the following resources provides a unique and in-depth dive into an aspect of SESI. Whether you are interested in the architectural specifics or cutting-edge energy solutions, you’ve come to the right place.

Designing SESI

Stanford Energy System Innovations (SESI): General Information

A detailed overview of the SESI system's benefits, challenges, and opportunities for future development

Read more general information

SESI: Central Energy Plant Optimization Model (CEPOM)

A presentation on the technology used to model performance efficiency of central energy facilities. Data on the projected electricity demand savings from applying CEPOM included

See the CEPOM presentation

SESI: Steam to Hot Water Conversion - Reuse Considerations

An investigation into a potential reuse of the steam distribution system and the final recommendation which was implemented

Read more about reuse considerations

Analyzing SESI

UNEP Report: District Energy in Cities

A United Nations Environment Programme document discussing the benefits of energy efficiency programs, like the ones SESI incorporates

Download the report

International Energy Agency Technology Roadmap for Energy Efficient Buildings

An global roadmap of actionable steps to increase the heating and cooling efficiency of buildings

See the technology roadmap

Efficiency and Environmental Comparisons

A comparative overview of Stanford's former energy system (combined heat and power that was fueled by natural gas) and the new SESI energy system

Read more about the comparisons

Housing SESI

ZGF Architects Brochure

A brochure created by the architects of the Central Energy Facility to showcase the innovations and design

See the full brochure

Energy Facility Design

A computer-rendered video tour of the Central Energy Facility design on the Stanford campus

Watch the video

Did this spark your curiosity? 

Please connect with us for your questions on analysis and approach of SESI. For more information about the CEF specifically, visit our CEF page.