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Fuel your path to a fossil-free future with proven solutions from Stanford Energy Systems Innovations, more widely known to the world as SESI. Come feel the electricity of where it all happens–at the Central Energy Facility in the Bay Area.

We've made sustainability innovation real. Discover the transformative story of one of the world’s most energy efficient systems. This must-see facility is a powerful example of resourcefulness, human ingenuity, and climate resilience.  A visit offers an illuminating opportunity for anyone seeking to bring sustainability innovation to life. It's a can’t-miss experience on the Stanford University campus!

Energy explorers have come from around the world:

>13,000 people 
20+ countries 
18 government agencies
508 education groups

Schedule Your Tour

Experience the Central Energy Facility (CEF) in a variety of ways

A closer look at the beating heart of SESI will pave the way for ideas on recovering resources and off-the- shelf technology, as well as an inspiring tale of transformation.

In Person, Guided

Walking Tour

Take an in-depth and up-close tour of the facility with industry experts as your guides.


Immersive Digital Tour

Get a sense of the inner workings of the CEF with a 3D fly-through rendered video.

In Person

Self-Guided Tour

Embark on a self-guided journey around the perimeter of the CEF with helpful and informative sign posts.

Our Story

Stanford’s energy supply transformation advanced the campus Energy & Climate Action Plan, accelerating the path to net zero emissions by 2050. SESI serves as an operational sustainability model for other campuses, organizations, and cities.